Africa GreenTec Foundation

Africa GreenTec Foundation

We have exciting news to share: RabbitFuel is an official supporter of the Africa GreenTec Foundation! This partnership opens up the opportunity for us to collaborate with an organization that is passionately committed to sustainable development and humanitarian aid in Africa.

Why Africa GreenTec Foundation?

The mission of the Africa GreenTec Foundation is clearly defined: empowering women, reducing crop losses, and implementing solutions for the cold chain by building SolarGrids for energy generation. They also support access to educational programs and sustainable development to make communities more self-reliant and less dependent on external assistance.

Our shared vision: Sustainability and cooperation

The partnership goes beyond traditional development aid. We share the vision of creating a cooperative collaboration based on mutual learning. The Africa GreenTec Foundation develops projects where the facilities are financed through investments and donations, but the operation and sustainable management are financially independent. This enables the users of the projects to have a sustainable income.

Together for a sustainable future

Our collaboration focuses on key activities, including providing sustainable energy solutions for underserved communities, reducing crop losses, ensuring independent power supply for medical facilities, promoting women's empowerment, and successfully implementing projects through collaboration with local organizations.

Your role in this journey

As part of the RabbitFuel community, you have contributed to this significant partnership. Every purchase supports the projects of the Africa GreenTec Foundation, and together we can have a positive impact on the future of communities in Africa.

Thank you for your support on this journey. 🤩


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