Vor- und Nachteile von Energieriegeln

Pro and cons of energy bars

In the same category as energy gels, you'll find energy bars, which are now available in a wide variety. From our perspective, we see them as a beneficial alternative to energy gels, as they can potentially contain healthy nutrients. Energy bars are mostly made from nuts or fruits. Nevertheless, caution is advised.

Nut Bars

Nut bars often use chocolate or syrup to shape loose nuts into a convenient bar. Otherwise, they consist of a mixture of loose nuts. Dried fruits are occasionally added to increase the flavor variety and offer different variations. Nut bars can potentially sit heavily in the stomach due to their high fat content. Digesting them requires a lot of effort.
We want to clarify that raw nuts are fantastic. They contain nearly all essential amino acids, high-quality fats, and have a high energy density. As you can tell, we are big fans of nuts! But what often bothers us is the most commonly used binder in most bars, which is sugar.

Fruit Bars

Even with fruit bars, we always recommend checking the ingredient list before purchasing. Often, a lot of sugar is concentrated in small quantities through dried fruits or fruit purees. Yes, they taste good and are a better alternative to refined sugar. Also, keep in mind that the body can only absorb a certain amount of fructose, and the acidity from the fruits can affect the stomach. However, let us provide you with an example to illustrate our concerns:
How many apples can you eat before feeling full? The answer is often 2-3 apples. Depending on the variety, apples contain about 13g of sugar per 100g. An average apple weighs around 200g. Fruit-focused energy bars can easily contain over 35g of sugar per 100g. That's almost three times as much. With 2-3 bars, this is equivalent to about 600-900g of apple (or 3 to 4 1/2 apples), while the total weight of the bar is usually around 35g.


  • More natural ingredients and less pure sugar
  • Contain fiber, essential for a healthy diet
  • Healthy fats from nuts and many micronutrients
  • The trend is moving towards bars made with organic and natural ingredients


  • Can sit heavily in the stomach due to their long-chain carbohydrates
  • High sugar content from dried fruits or in the binder
  • Fruit acid can affect the stomach under high stress
  • Some bars are dry and difficult to chew during exercise

RabbitFuel Endurance Food:

  • Relies on natural and organic ingredients
  • Mainly simple carbohydrates from potatoes and couscous
  • Low fat content for long-term energy and fiber for a healthy diet
  • Puree is easily digestible and also contains salt and water
  • Packaging is resealable and ideal for on-the-go
We don't want to demonize sugar, as it plays an important role in our diet, and our brains need it. It's also important to differentiate between glucose and fructose, as they have different effects on blood sugar levels. However, it's clear that we don't need sugar in the quantities as it's often found in many products. We're honest and admit that we occasionally enjoy ice cream or cake because it's simply irresistibly delicious... And if we need an energy boost during a long trail run, we'll certainly reach for sugary sodas or fruits. But as always, everything in moderation. 

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