Energy Gels und ihre Vor- und Nachteile

Pros and cons of energy gels

Energy gels are the most widely used dietary supplements in endurance sports. You can find these sweet energy gels in both running and cycling. They often contain a lot of sugar and flavours, making them quite unhealthy. The paradox is that many of us exercise to benefit our bodies, yet we compensate for burned calories with sugar and many artificial additives. While these sweet gels have their place, we believe there should also be a healthy, sugar- and flavour enhancer-free alternative. Below, you'll find the key advantages and disadvantages of traditional sweet energy gels. However, we recommend that everyone explore this topic independently.

Advantages of traditional sweet energy gels:

  • (Refined) sugar can be rapidly metabolized by the body, providing quickly available energy.
  • Various flavours are possible, thanks to different flavour enhancers and aromas.
  • Particularly practical for shorter, faster sports sessions to quickly boost energy.
  • Since calories are rapidly metabolized, they can offer a rapid solution, even if you're already experiencing a low point.

Disadvantages of traditional sweet energy gels:

  • Excessive sugar and flavour enhancers are unhealthy and, according to scientific studies, can cause many "common diseases" (e.g., diabetes). An elevated insulin level can also promote inflammation or damage veins and cells.
  • After the rapid rise in blood sugar levels, it drops quickly. The effect reverses, and you must compensate with even more sugar.
  • Since the main component is carbohydrates in the form of sugar, they are less effective in providing actual satiety, especially during longer sports activities.
  • Even when using sugar substitutes such as fruit juices or coconut sugar, caution should be exercised; excessive consumption can have a laxative effect.
  • Excessive sugar consumption can lead to digestive problems.

For these reasons, we have developed savoury Endurance Food as an alternative to traditional sweet energy gels, placing a focus on healthy nutrition. We also refer to it as Endurance Food, as our emphasis is on longer sports activities. Please don't misunderstand, we also enjoy sweets, for instance, homemade vegan banana bread from organic ingredients, but we strive to avoid sugar bombs. Our Endurance Food consists of natural and organic ingredients without flavour enhancers and artificial aromas. Your body can derive everything it needs for performance maintenance, and we avoid significant spikes in blood sugar levels. Our experience suggests that it's better to consume our Endurance Food preventatively and regularly to prevent performance lows.

Our Veggie Pürees allow you to eat healthily without any added sugar. They come in small, convenient, and resealable pouches, allowing you to consume them all at once or nibble on them regularly as you prefer.


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