RabbitFuel pflanzt Bäume mit Tree-Athlete

RabbitFuel plants trees with Tree-Athlete

Tree-Athlete: Planting Trees for a Sustainable Future

Tree-Athlete is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection and the promotion of climate action. The goal of Tree-Athlete is to make a positive contribution to climate and biodiversity conservation through tree planting.

Tree-Athlete collaborates with local partners to plant trees in agroforestry systems. Agroforestry is a land-use system where trees and agricultural crops are cultivated together on the same plot. The benefits of agroforestry include:

  • Climate Action: Trees sequester carbon, contributing to climate protection.
  • Soil Conservation: Trees improve soil quality and protect against erosion.
  • Biodiversity: Trees promote species diversity.

Tree-Athlete offers various options for donations and support, allowing individuals and businesses to contribute by donating trees or actively participating in planting projects.

RabbitFuel supports Tree-Athlete 💚🌳

At RabbitFuel, we will support Tree-Athlete through donations and active involvement. As RabbitFuel provides sustainable endurance nutrition, this cause is of particular interest to us. Reforestation in agroforestry systems contributes to the long-term promotion of food cultivation. RabbitFuel regularly donates to Tree-Athlete and actively supports the organization's planting projects.




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