Warum wir biologische und natürliche Zutaten verwenden?

Why do we use organic and natural ingredients?

Organic food has been proven to have its advantages over conventional products in numerous studies.

Why opt for organic food?

The primary consideration revolves around our health and how we can minimize the intake of pesticides and pollutants through our diet. Studies indicate that organic foods contain significantly fewer pesticides and pollutants, as they are not permitted in organic farming. This makes them the clear choice for health-conscious consumers.

Organic food and the environment

Organic food also contributes to the protection of our environment. By avoiding nitrates and pesticides in agriculture, we can reduce the pollution of our drinking water. Organic farmers also utilize natural plants like clover to enhance soil quality. The variety of crops grown in organic farms promotes a healthy ecology and supports biodiversity.

Organic food: A more intense flavor

Another advantage of organic foods is their more intense flavor. The difference is immediately noticeable. For example, a tomato grown under natural conditions ripens differently and offers a richer aroma. This authentic taste requires no additives like "E-numbers," which are merely synthetic imitations. We prefer the original, even if it slightly reduces shelf life. This taste is worth it to us.



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