As passionate trail runners and nature enthusiasts, we have long felt that it's time to bring the first savoury endurance food to the market. For sure, a niche market amidst all the sweet offerings! Perhaps that's also the reason why no one has done it yet. Nevertheless, we thought to ourselves, as we often do:

"Why not try it be ourself"

We, Christian and Jette, eventually discovered that we enjoy long-distance running a lot. Over time, we naturally feel a bit tired and get hungry. Since almost all energy bars and gels are sweet, and with continuous consumption, you keep falling into this sugar trap, eventually losing interest and feeling guilty about pumping so much sugar into your body, we started looking for alternatives.

After much studying and experimenting, we came up with the idea of filling homemade mashed potatoes into our soft flasks. As we were frequently asked about what we were eating and heard repeatedly how brilliant this relatively simple idea was, it seemed to us like a niche in the fiercely competitive sports nutrition market. Since Christian was determined to start a new company and couldn't imagine anyone better by his side than his beloved wife and running enthusiast, Jette, the idea of RabbitFuel became real.

A few months later, our first products are on the market, and we hope they can inspire you. May they become loyal companions on your explorations, support your health, and help you bring out the best version of yourself.


It is essential for us to communicate our values as individuals and as a company. At the same time, we have had concerns that there might be instances where we need to deviate from our values, and that could cause significant reactions. We all have to make compromises from time to time, both personally and professionally. Nobody is perfect.

The fact is, as a company, we need to make money. However, we want to allocate a portion of it for good causes and make a positive contribution to our society. These could be social or environmental projects, either locally or internationally.

We also hold ourselves to high standards of acting as socially and environmentally responsible as possible as a company. If there's ever a decision of ours that you don't understand, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll gladly explain our reasons behind it.

These are our essential values:

Production in the EU

We aim to manufacture our products within the European Union (EU). The EU is the most remarkable invention of the 20th century for us. Therefore, we will rely on the strength of the EU and firmly believe that economic cooperation also brings social benefits.

Reduce delivery routes with regional ingredients

We work with regional ingredients from the EU. Yes, it's a broader definition of ""regionality,"" but it's not always easy when you are a small company and need to keep your costs low.

Social and ecological commitment

Every year RabbititFuel, will donate about 1% of our earnings to charitable organizations. We will regularly keep you updated about it.


The topic of packaging is indeed delicate. Many factors advocate for plastic-free packaging to protect nature. However, currently, we haven't found a plastic-free solution that can preserve the flavour of our puree, ensure their shelf life even in extreme temperatures, and still be suitable for the outdoors due to lightweight and non-breakable properties.

Organic Certification

The organic certification is essential to us for several reasons. Organic food is less contaminated with pesticides, making it better for both you and the environment. By choosing organic, we contribute to species protection and prioritize your health. We firmly believe that organic is the future if we want to protect our planet sustainably and maintain a healthy diet.


RabbitFuel delivers healthy, savoury endurance food for your adventures in nature, made from purely natural ingredients and carefully selected spices for a unique taste.

RabbitFuel is the first savoury endurance food for all explorers, adventurers, and athletes. We prioritize natural and delightful flavours using ingredients sourced from organic farming.

We are building a socially and environmentally conscious company by reinvesting a part of our profits into social and ecological projects.


We aim to make a contribution with our company to protect nature and enable healthy nutrition everywhere. We start with small steps and continually work towards becoming better.

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Our ingredients have organic quality

Organic stands for a more sustainable cultivation that conserves and protects our nature. As outdoor enthusiasts, nature is our favorite place, and through the organic cultivation of our ingredients, it is sustainably protected.

Without sugar additives

In fact, there is simply too much added sugar in our diet. We completely avoid it, as natural carbohydrates provide sufficient energy in a truly natural way.

Real ingredients, no flavour enhancers

Our products are made exclusively from 'real' ingredients. That means we don't use any flavour enhancers or preservatives because nature already provides all the flavours we know and love. We don't need to cultivate anything in the laboratory. If it means our food might look a bit paler but tastes just as good, we are perfectly fine with that.


We aim to create a product that everyone can enjoy without any guilt. It is crucial for us to emphasize that a plant-based diet has a significantly lower carbon footprint, requires less water, and is thus more sustainable for our planet.


It is essential for us to make a positive contribution to preserving nature and our society through RabbitFuel. From the beginning, we have been supporting various projects that are close to our hearts.


With Tree-Athlete, we support the establishment of agroforestry systems in Germany. The benefits of this combination of agricultural land and trees include:

  • Climate Protection: Trees store carbon, contributing to climate protection.
  • Soil Conservation: Trees improve soil quality and protect against erosion.
  • Biodiversity: Trees promote species diversity.

In addition to financial contributions, we are actively involved in tree planting initiatives.

Find out more about Tree-Athlete.

Africa GreenTec Foundation

Describing itself as follows: "We empower people through sustainable energy solutions for greater self-determination and growth." The social enterprise constructs an ImpactSite in a village. This on-site facility can address issues such as electricity, water purification, or cold chains. The grids are self-sufficient, requiring minimal infrastructure and are constructed and operated by the local residents. The foundation serves as the bridge for planning, coordination, and training of the residents. The projects are primarily implemented under the responsibility of the local female residents. Read more and watch the video.

Kiva is also an NGO that makes it quite easy for anyone to lend money to freely chosen individuals, small businesses, or projects, especially in developing countries, through microloans. Money that would otherwise sit in our bank accounts can thus help other people establish an existence or simply pay an unexpected bill. Many of the projects focus on sustainable agriculture and the empowerment of women, which is precisely what we want to support.

Do you want to help too? Then visit the website of