Community-Wochenende im Fichtelgebirge

Community Weekend in the Fichtelgebirge

If Trailrunning24 invites you to the Community Weekend in the Fichtelgebirge, it promises to be a beautiful and enjoyable experience. We at RabbitFuel were delighted to be part of it and to give a short talk on "Fuel Your Activity".

Friday: Today was the arrival day, and shortly after settling into our rooms, we already put on our trail shoes and set off for our first group run. It was a short route, giving us a taste of the beauty of the Fichtelgebirge. After showering, the group gathered for dinner, followed by our talk.

Saturday: After a leisurely breakfast, we finally set off. The route went from Fleckl over the Ochsenkopf, the Schneeberg, and many other small hills to Weißenstadt to the thermal bath. The granite rocks, exposed over thousands of years, now resemble a stack of delicious pancakes. The green needles of the spruce forests and the fresh green of the undergrowth delighted our hearts when the sun touched the ground. In the group, serious topics were discussed, experiences were exchanged, and of course, fun was had. For relaxation, we visited the thermal bath and then enjoyed a communal dinner.

Sunday: This day was reserved for an official Community Run, where new friendly folks joined our group. We also provided free samples of RabbitFuel for them to try and get to know our products. There were two different distances, and the group split up a bit, only to meet again in Fleckl later, and just like that, the weekend was over.

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