Podcasts Trail Running

Podcasts Trail Running

The Singletrack Podcast (ENG) - Finn Melanson

Content / Topics: Finn covers a wide range of topics from pre- and post-race interviews to talks with race organizers about the future and past of the trials scene. Its guests are international, so it's also interesting for people outside of the US. Among other things he speaks with representatives of the big brands and coaches on how the relationship with athletes is changing. Some topics are also covered and discussed over several episodes with different guests, allowing you to get very different perspectives on one topic.

Host: Finn is currently my favorite host. He has a super pleasant, calm and factual voice, he asks exciting questions and is a great listener, which you can tell from the fact that he doesn't just remain on the surface when he asks in-depth questions. He is super enthusiastic about ultra running and has decided to make a living with the podcast and you feel that in his commitment. He always sets a topic in the episodes and sticks to that to discuss it at length.


Freetrail (ENG) - Dylan Bowman

Contents / Topics: Mainly Dylan presents his guest and his or her current achievement in the foreground of his episodes. In most cases it is related to an event or FKT, but he also invites guests to topics that inspire him and which could be interesting in the near future. With Freetrail he also organizes himself the trail run Gorge Waterfalls and is super well connected in the scene, which means he always interviews exciting guests from around the world. The website also gives you access to coaches, training plans, workouts, race reviews and much more - but in some cases only if you register as a Pro Member for money.

Host: Dylan is a well-known ultrarunner himself with a number of career achievements under his belt and is a huge fan of the community. His enthusiasm shows again and again in the conversations with his guests. From his own experience, he talks about many topics that you only know if you have been in the situation yourself and can understand how challenging certain moments can be. Even if it often seems easy and effortless for elite runners he uncovers the hard work they put in. Dylan also knows how to pick up his guests and get the exciting stories out of them.


Some Work all Play (ENG) - Megan and David Roche

Content / Topics: Megan and David talk a lot about scientific studies in endurance sports and possible training philosophies. This is probably mainly due to the fact that both are highly recognized coaches in the scene and many runners swear by their training methods. Accordingly, they often talk to their guests about their training methods. But it can also be about nutrition, the love of pizza, dogs, and more recently children. Initially, the podcast was only 30 minutes long and focused primarily on tips for your workout. In the meantime, however, the discussions are much more open to various topics and interviews with exciting guests. But their profession is always visible when it comes to questions about training. So you will get great input for your own training and ideas to reach your own personal best.

Hosts: Megan and David are both passionate runners and very positive people. Their passion and affection for each other as well as their love for food and all other subjects that make a human “awesome” will be discussed. There are no taboos they won’t talk about. Every now and then they interrupt each other, which I find unfortunate, but is often due to their extreme enthusiasm. It is probably the only podcast you have to slow down, when your native language is not english.



TrailRunnersDog (DE) - Sascha Rupp

Content / topics: Sascha's podcast covers a wide range of topics. One topic from the very beginning is due to the name of the podcast: running with a dog. He also interviews his guests about current challenges and running plans. Earlier episodes are also often about his own adventures, which were initially recorded straight from the track.

Host: Sascha is a passionate runner himself and you can hear that in the interviews. He knows the difficulties during the long runs and regularly asks how his guests deal with it and what tips they have for you and me. I find his episodes very varied. Since he has many guests from the ultra scene, I can often learn something or get new ideas. His returning guests are also exciting, so you get to know them better and can experience the ups and downs over time that we all know exists.



beVegt Podcast (DE) - Daniel Roth and Katrin Schäfer

Content / topics: beVegt is not just a podcast. At the website with the same name you will find a lot of information about running and vegan nutrition as well as tasty recipes. According to their website it is by far the largest German-language site on the subject of fitness and vegan nutrition.
Daniel and Katrin are enthusiastic athletes and mainly run distances up to the marathon, but also make detours into the ultra world. They talk about training methods, make running reports and conduct interviews with guests. Since they're vegan, it's also a lot about how vegan diet in endurance sports.The episodes are always well prepared and both are very enjoyable to listen to. The podcast also deals with social issues, so it is very broad and varied. I would recommend this podcast especially to the vegans among us but also for people who are interested in it.

Hosts: Daniel and Katrin are marathon runners who decided in the summer of 2010 to not eat meat for a month. In this context, they have learned a lot about the ethical, environmental and health implications of a vegan diet and have decided to stop eating animal-based foods. 2011 they decided to start and write a blog about that topic. Since March 2016 there has been a weekly beVegt Podcast.



WomenPod (ENG) - Lydia O’Donnell and Esther Keown

Contents / Topics: By women for women. Lydia and Esther cover all topics related to the peculiarities and uniqueness of women. The focus is on the topic of health, how to get the best out of the body and in particular what influence hormones have in the female cycle.
Honestly, I can't say much about it because I'm the different gender but I can try to understand better. My wife finds the podcast very exciting and that's why I wanted to introduce it. What she particularly likes is talking about topics that otherwise seem taboo or sometimes simply not explored. Almost all scientific studies are always only carried out on men, advertising in (running) sports is mostly geared towards men, records are reported much more often only by men, etc. But what applies to men does not apply to women 1:1 and this is exactly what the podcast discusses on a very personal and often touching level. In fact, the podcast may be more for women or for trainers who work with women, but maybe a few men are interested in it too.

Hosts: Lydia and Esther are both New Zealanders, so look forward to a sweet dialect. Together they are passionate runners and founders of FemmiCo, which is much more than a podcast. Behind this is a network of different Coaches, other athletes as themselves and also physiologists or psychologists, in order to do justice to the complexity of the topic and to be able to offer holistic advice. Both speak openly about their challenges, that finding the right amount of training, the thorny issue of nutrition in the context of endurance sports and the danger of overtraining and the effect of Relative Energy Deficiency (RED S).


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