Warum wir Sport treiben und RabbitFuel gegründet haben

Why we run and started RabbitFuel

For us, sport is the best way to stay fit and healthy. In addition to the movement and the resulting positive body feeling, it is also a very special way of mental training and in our point of view a typ of meditation. 


For me (Christian) there are mainly two facets of the physical movement that fascinate me. On the one hand, the feeling when the pulse rises, the body warms and begins to sweat, the breathing becomes faster and the muscles work. This feeling with every deep breath absorbs oxygen to drive me forward. That’s where the second facet comes in. How long can I maintain this movement and at what pace? We humans are the mammals with the greatest endurance performance. Our whole body is actually optimally designed by evolution for being on the feet for many hours or even days. If you don't believe that you should read “Born To Run” by Christopher Mcdougall. I just find it super exciting to test my limits and believe me, they are usually farther away than you think, because usually the limit is mental and not physical. Anyway, for me my limits so far have been the mental side and not the physical. The mental side of running is therefore even more fascinating. Some days I take my topics with me and during a run I find a clear thought and a solution. My brain just works much better with a lot of oxygen and focus on one thought. On other days, I sink into a kind of meditation. I fall into an absolute flow state where my body moves automatically,  the monotony of rhythm reaches over me and my thoughts are completely gone. The world is moving past me with every step.... Tapp, Tapp... And then there are the days where I'm on the road to get to know a new place and feel like I need to stop every 2 minutes to take a picture because it’s sooooo beautiful. 


I (Jette) run for several reasons. On the one hand, I'm mentally more balanced after a run. I have worked at quite well-known consulting firms and now as an managing director, that means I'm often under stress. A run before work helps me prepare for the upcoming tasks, structure the day and respond more relaxed to stressful situations. In addition, I just feel much more comfortable in a strong body and of course I am also happy to be able to get a little more food through my sport. A huge advantage of running is that I can make it easy almost anytime and anywhere. In the city, in the countryside, in the mountains — especially in the gym, if not otherwise possible. However, I have the most beautiful experiences in nature. The fresh air, the trees — rarely do I feel as comfortable as here. Admittedly, I often like to be alone in order to be able to switch off completely and simply run my pace, without stress and without having to take care of anyone else. Although I would agree that Trailrunner and Ultratrailrunner are pretty much the nicest people on earth, in my experience. I don't know any other individual sport in which the topic of community is so big, you support each other so much, give each other tips to get even better, have even more fun in sports, buy what clothes or latest gear, or where you have explored a great region with beautiful trails that you would definitely recommend. Overall, I am therefore convinced that sport or especially running simply makes me a more lovable, balanced person, although I do not define myself about the sport alone. By the way, no one should do that, which is dangerous in my point of view. 

What does this have to do with food? 

It’s simple: Food is the fuel for our engine, so our body. If the food that we eat during the sport does not have good quality, then the engine starts to stutter. And since sport gives us so much positives, we don't want to eat crap, have tons of sugar or have more artificial flavours on the ingredient list than anything else. Therefore, we only use food from organic farming and do not use artificial additives. 

This may cause our Endurance Food to not always look perfect, we don't have the longest shelf life, but that’s worth it to have healthy food that fits to our strategy to run happy in future days and explore the world on foot. We are firmly convinced that there are many other people besides us who think so as well. That's why we started RabbiFuel. 

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