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RabbitFuel Gift Voucher

RabbitFuel Gift Voucher

So, you've decided to spread some joy, have you? Well, congratulations on that noble intent! But why present a mundane gift when you could instead bestow a voucher for our shop? Now, that's much more exhilarating!

Imagine granting someone the power to choose what they want. It's almost like saying, "Here's a ticket to the shopping paradise. Enjoy your browsing!" And honestly, who could resist such an offer?

And remember how effortless it is to gift a voucher. You can wrap it up in a shiny bow and hand it over, or if you're feeling particularly lazy (we understand), just send an email. Digital gifting, how modern!

So why waste time pondering superior gift ideas when you can simply give a voucher? Be the hero or heroine of the day and gift a voucher for our shop!
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  • Natural taste without added sugar

    We don't use artificial flavours, no enhancers, no added sugars - only natural flavours.

  • Organic and Vegan

    Our Endurance Food is made with delicious and healthy ingredients from organic farming, suitable for a vegan diet.

  • Savoury Endurance Food

    Rabbitfuel is the healthy savoury alternative for your adventures in nature, unlike the sweet gels and bars.

  • Perfect for on the go

    Our packaging is lightweight, durable, and very portable. It can be resealed if you're not too hungry and want to save some for later.

Who are our Veggie Purees for?

Most people engage in physical activities to stay healthy and experience new things. However, when it comes to eating while hiking, running, cycling, climbing, and so on, we often opt for less healthy options. This is usually because we are too lazy or don't have the time to prepare nutritious meals, and there are limited alternatives to sweet gels and bars. Therefore, our veggie puree are particularly suitable for individuals who want to maintain a healthy diet while participating in sports and being on the go.

Why are our veggie purees savoury?

When you are active for an extended period of time, you eventually lose interest in sweet gels and bars. Instead, you often crave something savoury. Most products designed for these situations contain too much sugar, which is not only unhealthy in large quantities but also causes fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. That's why we have developed our veggie puree as a healthy and savory alternative to provide sustained energy without the sugar roller coaster effect.

Who are the people behind RabbitFuel?

We are Christian and Jette, passionate trail runners from Frankfurt who love to explore nature and discover new places. We often faced the same problem: after a certain time, we would lose interest in sweet gels or bars, leaving us with no energy due to repeated short-term sugar rushes without lasting effects. So, we started searching for savoury alternatives - something with plenty of carbohydrates, minimal added sugar or fruits, preferably organic, healthy, sustainable, conveniently packaged, and ideally vegan - but with no succes.

We would often cook and puree food the night before a long run and fill it into containers to fit into our running vests. As people asked us what we were eating and found the idea of a savoury Endurance Food interesting, we realized there are more individuals like us who would love our veggie purees.


Why savoury?

Because, from our perspective, it's the new sweet. For years, sugary gels or bars were considered the best way to quickly refuel energy or have a snack. However, we have a different opinion. Especially when you have long distances planned or engage in endurance sports, savoury alternatives like our veggie puree are a better long-term option. They provide you with the required energy intake without causing a short-term sugar rush. It's similar to a caffeine strategy and the choice between coffee and green tea.

Why do you use plastic packaging?

It is lightweight, hygienic, and unbreakable. It preserves the aroma and remains stable against various weather conditions.

Can I return the products?

For hygiene reasons, we can only accept returns of unopened 6-packs. Please send them back to us at your own expense within 14 days. (See our cancellation policy for more details.)

How should I store the RabbitFuel Veggie Purees?

Our veggie purees have their ""Best Before Date"" (BBD) directly printed on the pouch. The BBD depends on the production date. Don't worry, we always ensure that our products have at least 1 month shelf life left when you place your order.

Are the veggie purees suitable for toddlers?

No, they are not ultra-high-temperature treated, and they contain small pieces that could potentially be swallowed by young children.

Are you excited?

You are welcome to join our Ambassador Program and receive exclusive benefits. Simply fill out our questionnaire, and we will get in touch with you to let you know if you have been accepted.

Do you have further questions?

You can reach us at or through the contact form on our website.

Why is the Pouch bloated?

In our small kitchen, we intentionally cook in small batches to ensure that the exceptional taste of our products is preserved for you. As we also refrain from using preservatives, despite rigorous quality control, it's possible on occasion for packaging to become bloated. If you come across such a bloated pouch, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us (contact form). We will promptly provide you with a replacement.

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